The local government code of 1991 mandates all local government units to provide constituents with the services needed.

Social Sector
1. Establishment of health facilities that are disaster and climate risk resilient and provide access to such facilities;
2. Provide adequate, appropriate, well-maintained recreational and social support facilities
3. Establishment of additional classrooms that are disaster and climate risk resilient in safe locations and retrofitting and rehabilitation of classrooms to mitigate potential hazards affecting the structure
4. Implement programs for the vulnerable sectors – women, children, PWDs, senior citizens, and other sectors
5. Maintain a high level of public order, peace, and safety.
6. Provide housing projects and implement resettlement programs located in safe areas
7. Relocate informal settler households considered highly vulnerable and at-risk to flooding
8. Mainstream Gender and Development practices in all sectors
9. Capacitate communities on disaster preparedness

Economic Sector
1. Implement agriculture and fishery programs and projects
2. Reduce cases of land conversion of prime agricultural lands to other uses
3. Increase in the average per hectare yield of rice and corn
4. Reduce damages to farm equipment and post-harvest facilities
5. Increase in agricultural crop production areas with access to irrigation facilities
6. Decrease amount of damage to crops due to flood, severe winds, drought to sound, and climate proofed production techniques
7. Create livelihood and employment opportunities
8. Implement investment incentive programs
9. Develop, promote and manage potential eco-tourism destinations for local and foreign visitors
10. Establish linkages for research and development for new products and processes
11. Establish a business-friendly environment
12. Implement industry development programs and projects

Environment Sector
1. Preserve and conserve forest, forestland and implement proper forest resource management strategies
2. Establish forest production areas and ensure sustainable production
3. Establishment and management of communal forests
4. Increase rehabilitation efforts in forest areas
5. Implement solid waste management programs
6. Implement proper pollution control.
7. Conserve and protect water resources
8. Improve soil fertility.
9. Preserve mineral resources.
10. Identify, develop and regulate potential parks and wildlife reservations.
11. Establishment of a local water district
12. Ensure water quality of potable water

Infrastructure Sector
1. Provide sufficient and sustainable potable water
2. Construct, improve and maintain roads, bridges, and farm to market roads
3. Construct and improve irrigation facilities
4. Construct, improve and rehabilitate flood control facilities
5. Construct, improve and rehabilitate administrative support facilities, public toilets, and multi-purpose buildings.
6. Establish agriculture facilities

Governance Sector
1. Pursue excellence in fiscal management and administration
2. Institutionalized a fast and efficient system in transacting business in the local government unit.
3. Implement policies and plans to encourage business or investment promotions and eco-tourism.
4. Capacitate human resources and the community
5. Establish transparency, accountability, and good governance
6. Intensify revenue collection
7. Strengthen linkages with other LGUs, government agencies, NGOs and Pos.