So you have been to Cordillera and most likely seen its famed rice terraces, the mountain range, the waterfalls, the raging rivers, the beautiful caves, the indigenous culture, and almost everything about the region. But have you explored Apayao and have you heard of interesting attractions the province offers?

Apayao is the northernmost province of Cordillera and perhaps the least explored of all the provinces of the region. It is an unpopular route for tourists, an off-beat destination for most. But unknown to many, it has a fair share of natural attractions that will interest everyone.

Luna, the de-facto provincial capital dubbed as the show window of the province is where one must start to get to know Apayao. With the municipality of Abulug of Cagayan Province on its northern boundary, its accessibility to lowland makes it an easy destination.

Luna is blessed with hidden waterfalls, wondrous caves, clean rivers, and other nature’s wonders that are all perched in this scenic countryside making Luna a promising eco-tourism destination.

Now, if you think you have seen everything about Cordillera, think again. Discover Luna, and experience a different Cordillera at Luna, your gateway to Apayao!