Shooting the rapids is a common attraction all over the country, but have you ever tried it inside a cave? Travelers who want to try out this extreme activity are accompanied by a couple of boatmen wherein one steers through narrow crevices with a single blade paddle while the other holds on to the stern to keep the boat balanced. The river spans 700m of a crystal-clear water in Marag Valley. On a good day, various species of fish can be sighted swimming along such as tilapia, carp, eel, and palilang. The water level depends on the weather conditions—it can rise as high as 30 to 40 feet during heavy rains and storms, which explains the presence of lodged trunks and branches at the cave’s ceiling.

Address: Brgy. Marag, Luna, Apayao

Business hours: 6am-3pm

Entrance fee: 20 php

Environmental Fee, 20 php

Entrance Fee, 200 php/head – Tour Guide