1. To attain effective and efficient delivery of basic social services and support facilities
2. To enhance and improve economic, commercial and agricultural services in order to improve productivity and attain economic growth.
3. To pursue sustainable environmental management through effective Ecological Solid Waste Management, Ecosystem and Environmental Stability
4. To implement municipal wide disaster mitigation and prevention programs to attain resilient community
5. Establish climate-smart and disaster risk-resilient infrastructure systems.
6. To have a well-established, sustainable, appropriate and resilient infrastructure facilities.
7. To ensure food security and increase in production and income of the marginalized agricultural and fishery sector.
8. To enrich the dynamic and creative local culture and continuously development vibrant tourism in the municipality
9. To intensify support and strengthen the capacities of communities in disaster preparedness and response in order to ensure minimal impact to their lives, properties and to the environment in case of emergency situation and disaster.

SMART objectives were formulated based on the municipal vision to ensure that sustainable development of the municipality is attained. With the active involvement and participation of all stakeholders including Government Institutions, CSOs, NGOs and the private sector.