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Nested at the northernmost part of the Cordillera is the town of Luna, the capital of Apayao and dubbed as the Show window of the province. Home to a diverse ecosystem and variety of natural attractions which is probably known to many, Luna projects as picture of verdant plains, mountains and hills; clean waterfalls, rivers and creeks; unexplored caves; and other gifts of nature. Its most popular attraction is the Lussok Crystal Cave and Underground River, a picture of natural wonder that is fast becoming a hotspot!


Perched in the rocky slope of Barangay Dagupan is this seven-chamber cave adorned with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, navigable through an underground river system that flows freely from end to end.


One needs to swim or ride a raft and cross the river to get to the cave. Once inside, you will not miss the popular picture of the place – the view of the green river as seen on the cave entrance – which will surely make you wonder how nature crafted such beauty. Don’t forget to bring flashlight, ride the raft and explore the cave to fully appreciate the beauty of Lussok Crystal Cave!

Idyllic and enchanting, the Lussok Crystal Cave and Underground River is one of the best features of Luna, nature’s beauty at its best. The picture of the cave and the green placid river looks inviting in real life as it is in stills.


There may not be an easy way of getting to Lussok Crystal Cave for now. Expect rough and muddy roads, river crossing and slippery trails along the way. A real adventure but a worthy one! The unique ambiance of Lussok Crystal Cave guarantees a well spent journey to this hidden treasure of luna, only one of the unknown jewels of Apayao.


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