Health & Social Welfare

Business & Investment

1. Conduct Revision of Real Properties

2. Issuance of Real Property Tax Receipts
3. Issuance of Tax Declaration
4. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate
5. Issuance of Community Tax Clearance
5. Issuance of Motorized Tricycle Operators Permit (MTOP)
6. Issuance of Authenticated Copy of Tax Declaration


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Business & Investment

21 January 2014

1. Conduct Revision of Real Properties 2. Issuance of Real Property Tax Receipts3. Issuance of Tax Declaration4. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate5. Issuance of Community Tax Clearance5. Issuance of Motorized Tricycle...

Building Permit

21 January 2014

1. Issuance of Building Permit2. Issuance of Electrical Permit3. Issuance of Occupancy Permit4. Issuance of Locational Clearance


21 January 2014

1. Technical assistance on agriculture crop production2. Technical assistance on fishery development3. Technical assistance in livestock development 4. Issuance of Animal Health Certificate 5. Issuance of Certified Seed Tag

Health and Social Welfare

21 January 2014

1. Issuance of Health and Medical Certificate 2. Issuance of Sanitary Permit and Health Card 3. Availing Immunization (0-11 mos. Old) 4. General Medical Consultation 5. Pre-Natal Care 6. Issuance of Family Planning Certificate 7. Philhealth...

Civil Registry

21 January 2014

1. Timely Registration Of Certificate Of Live Birth 2. Delayed Registration Of Certificate Of Live Birth 3. Timely Registration of Marriage Certificate 4. Delayed Registration of Marriage Certificate 5. Death Registration 6. Issuance of Civil...

Executive Services

21 January 2014

1. Securing Mayor’s Clearance And Certification of Good Moral Character 2. Certification as to Availability of Appropriation 3. Recommendation / Job Referral 4. Solemnization of Marriage 5. Processing of Claims (Contracts) 6. Processing of Claims...

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