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Total Land Area (in has)                       :          65,540  has

Total Number of Households              :          4,146 (CBMS 2014)

Total Population                                        :          18,275 (CBMS 2014)

Total Number of Registered Voters      :          10,809

Total Number of Barangays                 :          22 and 1 Admin Barangay

              Bacsay, Cagandungan, Calabigan, Capagaypayan, Dagupan, Lappa, Luyon, Marag (Bucao), Poblacion, Quirino, Salvacion, San Francisco, San Gregorio, San Isidro Norte, San Isidro Sur, San Jose, San Sebastian, Shalom, Sta. Lina, Tumog, Turod, Zumigui and Calayucay



                        Ilocano :           87.25%              Aeta     :           1.13%

                        Isneg    :           6.15%                Others  :           3.72%

                        Igorot   :           1.75%


Major Economic Activities (ranked):

1. Farming

2. Services

3. Manufacturing


Main Agricultural Products:

            Palay               Vegetables                   Corn                 Rootcrops


Commercial Establishments                 :           348

Industrial Establishments                        :           4

Financial Institutions                                 :           5

Public Markets                                             :           3


Educational Facilities:

            Day Care Centers:        24                    Secondary Level:          6

            Elementary Level:        21                     Tertiary Level   :           1


Health Facilities:

            Far North Luzon General Hospital & Training Center

            Rural Health Center

         Six (6) Barangay Health Stations

Motor Vehicles Registered         :           260

Transportation Facilites            :

            Chona Patrick (Luna-Laoag-Batac)

            Jeepneys (Luna-Junction-Ballesteros-Aparri)

            Single Motor (Poblacion-Lappa-Marag)

            Tricycle (Luna-Junction-Luna)

            Vans (Luna-Tuguegarao)

Power Source               :           CAGELCO II

            # of energized barangays         :           19


Telecommunication Network:

Globe & Smart             Luna Community eCenter


Recreational Facilities:

Luna Gymnasium                    San Isidro Gymnasium

Dagupan Gymnasium              Quirino Gymnasium



Organization & Staffing                        : 97

Income Classification                        : 2nd Class

Actual Internal Revenue          

            Allotment (IRA)                              : P 116,243,000.00 (2015)

            Revenue from Local Sources    : P 5,515,000

            Total LGU Income                         : P 121,758,000

                        20%                                                : P22,329,221.00



Going Around

Moving Around

What to do in Luna? Check out Lussok Crystal Cave and underground River Go spelunking in Allabang Cave and Nalvo Cave See Bayugao Falls and the Payanan Sports Complex Visit Marag Valley and the...

How to Get Here?

By Land from Manila Take a Florida Bus or RCJ Bus going to Junction Luna in Abulug, Cagayan.Their terminals are both located in Sampaloc Manila and Cubao. Travel time takes around...

Food and Accomodation

Luna is laid-back rural town, do not expect high end hotels. Tourist who wish to spend overnight in our place can stay in local lodges fora as low as P250.00...


Sports Facilities Number Gymnasium 3 Basketball Courts ...


Name of Festival Barangay Date FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS DE ASSISSI Brgy. San Francisco October 4 FEAST OF ST. ISIDORE THE FARMER Brgy. San Isidro Sur ...

Local Attractions

Name of Tourist Spots Location Remarks 1 Lussok Cave Dagupan Visited by people because of its beautiful stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave. 2 Allabang Cave Zumigui Narrow entrance with wide space inside. Also with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites inside....

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